The Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted to address the student grievances. The Grievance Redressal Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students whatever be the nature of the problem. Members of committee are as given below,

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. S. K. Narayankhedkar Chairman 9619101633
2 Dr. Sunita Shinde Member 9404074482
3 Dr. N. S. Kolhe Member 9224621118
4 Prof. U. R. Bagal Member 9819457948
5 Prof. Tamil Selvi Member Secretary 9833132757


The grievance of the individual will be given fair and reasonable opportunity to be heard in detail in a peaceful and conciliatory environment depending upon the issue. If need be, appropriate evidence in the form of a material evidence or personal witness may also be considered by the aggrieved person.

The Chairman and other members of the committee in turn, depending on the nature, magnitude and jurisdiction of the issue, will arrange for the appropriate and early measure of Redressal of grievance, and same will be communicate to the ‘aggrieved student’.

All the proceeding of the Grievance mechanism will be suitably documented and recorded.


  1. Students shall fill-up online grievance form giving all particulars.
  2. Grievance Redressal Committee shall attend to the grievance and communicate decision within a month of the presentation of grievance.
  3. Member Secretary of Grievance Redressal Committee shall submit Grievance Redressal report to Director General regularly.
  4. If the committee fails to take the decision within the stipulated time or the student is not satisfied with the decision, he/she can appeal to Director General. Student will be given an opportunity for hearing. Director General will communicate the final decision.

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