1. MGMCET provides hostel facility to both girls and boys.
  2. The hostel facility is granted to the students of the University strictly on the basis of merit.
  3. The number of seats for each department depends on the department size.
Hostel rules
During my stay in the Hostel, I will not disturb my neighbours or others by talking loudly or creating nuisance
I shall not indulge in wasteful or improper use of water, electricity etc
I shall also be responsible for the safety of electrical installations, furniture , fixtures etc. in the room. I shall not use electrical appliances for any purpose including cooking in the room
In case I am required to remain away from the Hostel after 12 mid-night on any day, I shall obtain prior permission from the Warden in writing
I shall take permission to take a visitor to my room by writing in the visitor A­s register maintained by the Warden
I shall not keep any guest in my room for overnight stay without prior permission in writing from the Warden
I shall not consume any alcoholic drinks/drugs in the hostel premises
I shall take the permission to leave the Hostel temporarily or permanently or at the end of the term from the Warden and a clearance certificate for all dues from the Hostel Office
I have also read carefully all the rules pertaining to my stay in Hostel, especially with regard to eligibility, duration of stay, procedure for admission and re-admission etc
I shall not speak directly to media/police department