Department of Computer Engineering


The computer Engineering program at MGMCET stress high achievement in fundamental knowledge and practical problem solving. We offer students a solid background in the core areas of Computer Science and exposure to cutting-edge computer technologies. Computer Engineers draw background from the existing disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Electrical Engineering stresses the theory and design of hardware system through an understanding of electronic circuits, digital logic, and computer systems design. Computer Science stresses the theory and design of large software systems that use computer hardware to solve wide range problems. Computer Engineering combines these disciplines to provide a new kind of professional to meet with demands of the industry.

Demand for computer engineers is growing in both the computer industry and also in the industries which rely heavily on computer based systems, including the telecommunications, electronics and semiconductor industries. The B.E.(Computer Engineering) program gives students a strong background in hardware and software engineering fundamentals. We offer an environment that provides small class sizes and individual attention to students. No previous computer experience is necessary for students entering this program.

The course gives students a strong background in the fundamentals of hardware and software design. Hardware courses covers electronic circuit design, digital logic design, and computer organisation, architecture and interfacing. Software courses stress programming fundamentals, discrete mathematics, data structures, algorithms and Software engineering.

The courses in Computer Engineering specialize in computer algorithms and the design of complex software systems along with hardware subjects putting focus on computer systems design, digital signal processing, image processing and others. Amalgamation of Hardware and Software along with elective courses that allow students to tailor their studies to meet their individuals needs and interests.


Microsoft IT Academy
IBM Center Of Excellence
CISCO Academy
Infosys Campus Connect program
QAI Institute
Adobe India

Server: Windows 2000 Server data for base applications

Type :  IBM Xeon Dual Processor

Server :  Linux Web / Mail Server

Type :  IBM Server PIV

Server : Linux Remote Boot Server

Type : IBM Xeon Dual Processor

Server : Novell Server

Type : HP Net Server Plll

Server : Unix Server

Type : D R S

Server : Windows File Server/ Web Server/Content Management portal for student & Faculty


The laboratories are well equipped with over 400 nodes most of which are IBM PlV.


A 24 hr uninterrupted internet connectivity with 2Mbps leased line from on all nodes

A state of art modern labs with cutting edge of software technologies and development tools and package for projects, research and training.
An excellent hardware and software for plotting , imaging and scanning.
High resolution digital imaging cameras for videos conferencing.
Complete campus networking for both internet and multiboot to Linux, Windows & Novell.
The M.E. ( Computer Engineering ) Program strives to provide the highest quality postgraduate education for today’s practitioners and for future leaders in industry and academic.