Department of IT Engineering


The Information Revolution is changing every human activity, especially the way we learn, discover and communicate knowledge, underlying the change is a powerful new way of thinking called the: Algorithmic Method, Those who know the algorithmic method bring new categories of thought to intellectual tasks; they know what part of the takes can be delegated to a computer or how much of it could be accomplished in partnership with a computer. The algorithmic method and computing technology have already dramatically transformed science. 
Teaching this far-reaching new mode of thought will become part of a modern liberal education before we see widespread effects, however, the basic ideas must become infused more deeply in university curricula and academic structures. I also want to state that our alumni have made a mark wherever they have gone and working with the best brains in the field of IT. Today a number of our alumni, head many leading institutions in India and abroad in the IT Sector and there is still more to come.
Currently, we have 200 students in our four-year programs, 9 highly qualified faculty in the department. We took great pride in the close rapport between the staffs and the students which has always been the trademark for the department.

  • We maintain  separate well equipped IT Labs for Computer Programming with OOPS (C++,Java)
  • Data Base Management System (platform Oracle 9 i)
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design (Platform Rational Rose )
  • We also maintain a separate Project Lab for Final Year Projects to encourage Students to work on New and Challenging Platform.
  • We also hold mock Seminar especially for BE Students to help them prepare for presentation not only in their Final Year but also for the Organizations for which they will work.
  • Our Faculty Members are always available to guide our students whenever needed.
  • Besides this we also maintain a Departmental Library for our students.
  • To cope with today’s stress, we try and teach the Destressing Techniques such as Meditation and Yoga Techniques to our Students along with Psychological Counseling which helps them to combat stress and perform better.

Our Vision

  • To contribute to the progress of India in the IT Sector for making India a Global Brand.
    Our Mission
  • To Produce Quality IT Engineers who will not only shine technically in the world but also cherish values to make out global society a safe happy and knowledgeable place.

Our 3 point Agenda

  • Imbibe the importance of information Usage and Security
  • Equip budding IT Engineering with Industry Standard Processes and Best Practices
  • Encourage Innovation.

We believe we can

With the strength of Network Economy and an Industry supported collaborative environment, we are all geared up to meet the challenges head-on. I take this opportunity to thank all our well- wishers for their continuous and whole-hearted support.