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Prof. K. G. Narayankhedkar

Born on  June 12, 1946, Professor K. G. Narayankhedkar received his schooling in Marathwada  and obtained Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering  Aurangabad with First Rank in the University (Marathwada University) in 1966.Subsequently he  obtained the degrees of M. Tech. (1969) and Ph.D. (1974) from  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.  The projects at both the  M. Tech. and Ph. D. were in the field of Cryogenics  Engineering He also completed a course on ‘Management of Research and Development’ conducted by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay (1973) . He did his Post-doctoral research work at the Department of Engineering Science, Cryogenics Laboratory, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK,  during 1975 – 76 as a Commonwealth Scholar. He also revisited Oxford as DAAD Fellow in 1996.

Professor Narayankhedkar joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1970. He was selected to the post of Professor in 1983 and served  as the Dean (Planning) for two terms  during 1995-2001. He was also the Convener, School for Cryogenic Engineering since 1977. He was selected as Director  at VJTI  Mumbai and served as Director from  29th December 2005 to 12th June 2011 and as Director (Emeritus) from 13th June 2011 to 31st July 2011.

Prof. Narayankhedkar is known  for his outstanding interest in teaching and  research in the areas of   Cryogenics Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Food Preservation and Thermodynamics (Exergy Analysis).

Prof. Narayankhedkar guided twenty two  students for their Ph.D. degree of which six students completed their Ph. D. during his tenure as Director, VJTI. He has to his credit  181 papers ( 41 in International Journals and 37  in the proceedings of International Conferences) . He was  the Guest Editor of ” Cryogenic and its Application”, Indian Journal of Cryogenics, Vol. 18 (1993) and Editor of the Proceedings of the International Cryogenic  Engineering Conference, ICEC 18, (2000).

Prof. Narayankhedkar developed several technologies  in the high-tech area of cryogenics and successfully transferred these technologies  to LPSC, Valdimala and ISAC, Banglore. Some of his land mark developments in the areas of Cryogenics include Stirling Cycle nitrogen liquefier and Liquid nitrogen based Individual Quick freezing (IQF) Tunnel  He is also actively involved in the review programmes related to development of Cryogenics Engine in the Department of Space.

Prof. Narayankhedkar was honoured with several prizes and awards. Mention may be made of“K.L. Garg Memorial Cash/ Medal Award and Scroll of Merit” for outstanding piece of research work on cryorefrigerators leading to development of prototypes (1987) and the prestigious “Dr. P. K. Patwardhan Award” for the innovative technology development on ‘Pulse Tube Cryocooler using the Linear Compressor’ on the occasion of the Teachers’ day celebrations on September 6, 2004 at IIT Bombay. He was honoured with the highest and the  most prestigious national  award “Prof. A.  Bose Memorial Life Time Contribution Award (2004)” for his outstanding contribution to Cryogenic Engineering globally recognised. He was also honoured by the “Lions Club of Mumbaiites” in recognition of generous and dedicated work for in higher education.

Prof.  Narayankhedkar  was elected as a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) in 1988, Member of International Cryogenic Engineering Committee  (ICEC) in 1994, President of Indian Cryogenics Council (ICC) during 1993-95, Vice – Chairman, International Cryogenic Engineering Committee  (ICEC)  during 1998-2002. Member of International  Institute  of Refrigeration  (France),  Commission  A1 in 2000. Member of IIR (2000 – 2005).

Prof. Narayankhedkar visited several countries  such as USA, UK, France, Germany,  Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, China.

After taking over as the Director of VJTI, Prof. Narayankhedkar contributed significantly in reforms of academic and administrative activities. As an autonomous Institute, all the academic activities were  efficiently carried out in the Institute.  Several initiatives were taken and successfully implemented.  Incentive schemes for staff and faculty were carefully introduced to encourage their academic activities and appreciate their long service. Creativity and innovation cell as well as Entrepreneurship Cell were created  to motivate the students in the creative as well as  entrepreneurial skills. Several MoUs were signed with Institutes in India and abroad as well  as with Industries. Apart from expansion of UG and PG  programmes, a full time Ph. D. programme was launched leading to more than 45 full time Ph. D. students pursuing their doctoral research at VJTI resulting in international research publications. All these efforts were recognized by several agencies. Mention may be made of prestigious “Ramkrishna Bajaj Performance Excellence Trophy (2009) ” and  ranking by CSR (Competition Success Review) as “Top Engineering College of Super  Excellence in India (2011)

Professor Narayankhedkar strongly believes in social commitments. He is  on the Boards of several Institutes. He is also member of the review Committee at VSSC, Thiruvanantapuram. He is the nominee of the Governor  of Maharashtra on the Management Council of Pune University. He was also Chancellor’s Nominee on the Management Council of Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere. He is actively engaged in various  social activities for which he has been felicitated  by the award “Samajseva Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar” in February 2004 at Degloor, Dist. Nanded.